Noodle Bars

After what can only be described as a massively disappointing visit to Wagamamas earlier this week, and a conversation about where the best noodle places in Edinburgh are, I thought I’d write up a little noodle-y blog post, because Asian cuisine seems to have worked its way pretty high up on my list, and no one wants disappointing noodles. Especially if they can be avoided. 🙂

Yummytori – 90-92 Lothian Road

yummytori(image from Yummytori’s Facebook)

Okay, so I’m kicking off with a place that isn’t really a noodle bar, but it’s tasty nonetheless. Yummytori is a Japanese tapas restaurant, and they have very good house wine to go with the different small plates and tasting plates. And they do a £5 lunch deal. We had edamame, vegetable tempura (which was delicious), salmon tataki, yaki soba, and something from the yakitori menu that I can’t remember. It was all awesome.

Thai Pad – 20a Leopold Place, London Road

 (image from TripAdvisor)

Thai Pad deliver too, but the restaurant is in a basement on Leopold Place. I had Pad Thai (the menu says its “quite simply the best known Thai noodle dish ever,” and they’re not wrong). Yum. Portions are huge too. On the night that we went, there had been a party and they’d drunk all the wine, but there’s a pretty good wine menu, and you can order the house white & red with your takeaway too, if you like.

Red Box – 51 West Nicolson Street

redbox(image from Red Box)

No lie, Red Box have got me through the last fortnight of essay writing. They’re open from 12, but don’t deliver until after 5pm. You can sit in though, or take your noodles away and eat them in the Meadows 🙂 The menu is super simple – choose your noodles, meat, vegetables, and sauce, and then it’s stir fried in front of you. And the spring rolls are amaze.

What other noodle places do I need to add to my list?


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