Kindle Sale!

Ah, the Kindle Sale. Following on from yesterday’s bookish post, I thought I’d have a little bookish post about what I’m planning to buy myself from the Kindle Easter Sale. Way healthier than Easter Eggs, right?

So, these are the top three on my Wishlist…

The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales, by Kirsty Logan – 99p

(image from salt publishing)

I had this on my wishlist already, but Blair’s review totally sold me:

What it’s about: A debut collection of short stories combining magic, fantasy and sexuality, all related in lush, descriptive prose.
You should read it if: You liked Lucy Wood’s Diving Belles (this is similar, but with more sex); you’re a fan of Angela Carter’s updated fairytales or the early short stories of Daphne du Maurier.
My review: Across twenty stories, the author uses a wide range of narrative techniques, settings and time periods; some of the tales are a few paragraphs long, others far meatier. There is always an element of the fantastic, but Logan always links this to more recognisable depictions of love and lust… Some of the stories are too short to be wholly effective, but at their best, they create whole worlds within just a few pages. Original and inspirational, this book made me itch to write my own fairytales.

Posthumous Stories, by David Rose – 99p

(image from salt publishing)

This just sounds great:

He calls his foreword Afterword and subtitles one story A Novel. There’s a tale assembled from lines out of Kafka and another that takes the form of a Borges-like commentary on a fictitious novel, with excerpts. The prevailing mood is semi-Dystopian…

Ah, I do love a dystopia.

The Rabbit Back Literature Society, by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen – 99p

(image from Felt)

This has got great reviews. And it’s filed under fantasy/occult/horror. And it’s 99p.

That’s my picks from the sale, what about you?


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