EdSciFest at Summerhall

On Tuesday night, I headed along to Summerhall, to have a sneak peek at some of the things that are going on for the Edinburgh Science Festival, which kicks off next Thursday. There are family- and adult-friendly events, mostly going on at Summerhall, the festival hub.

We met Barney, and tested out some of his special edition EdSciFest beer, before being ushered through to the Old Dick Vet College, where science experiments awaited us.

First up was a DNAiquiri, which involved squishing strawberries and pineapple juice (Kirsty was massively appreciative of the squishing), before adding the fruit mush to Bacardi, and waiting for the stringy DNA to start floating about. I realise that I’ve made that sound really dreadful, but it was pretty cool. Sadly, science experimenting means that you have to down your shot of DNAiquiri, because a mouthful of neat Bacardi isn’t really something anyone wants. We were pretty much all in agreement that our shots tasted like potatoes. Science is all about the unexpected results.



Post-Bacardi, some of the girls headed into the other room, but Dave and I stayed to take on the cranberry juice challenge. Absolutely certain that we could tell the difference – I’m fairly sure the word resolute was used… – we are actually useless, and were drinking apple juice all along. Cheated.


We caught up with the others, where there was some pretty exciting ice-cream making going on. Prosecco and raspberry sorbet, made with liquid nitrogen. It was very cool to watch, and was delicious. The beer and orange flavour? Not so much.



There was food set up in the other room by the time we’d eaten all of the sorbet, but I was too stuffed (dinner at the new Clerk’s Bar was pretty immense), but it looked tasty! Firmly ensconced at a cosy table, with an enormous glass of red wine, I quite happily spent the rest of my evening timing cracker-eating contests and thieving other people’s Tinder accounts. Excellent.

EdSciFest runs from the 5th until the 20th April, and there are LOADS of events on. The full brochure can be found here, and students get a super-generous 50% off of most events and talks, meaning that lunchtime sessions start from £2.50, and evenings from £4. I’m lining up so many that I want to go to.


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