Muse Hair Salon

A couple of weeks ago, after pinning what seemed like hundreds of pictures of bobs on my ever growing Pinterest board, I found this and promptly tweeted it to everyone I know, declaring it to be the most perfect haircut I’ve ever seen. In a fit of bravery, I called Muse Hair Salon, and booked an appointment with Amanda.


The salon is right at the end of Ferry Road, opposite Leith Library, and looks very swish. I went in, armed with my perfect hair photo, and feeling slightly nervous about chopping off a not insignificant amount of my hair. Considering that I’d already cut about eight inches off in September, the idea of cutting off even more probably shouldn’t have felt that drastic, but I’ve had the exact same haircut, at varying lengths and in varying colours, for about the last ten years. Scary. Happily for me, I got talking to Scott, the director at Muse, told him what I was thinking, and he put me totally at ease. Amanda came to get me, we had a bit of a chat about what I wanted, and decided that having it a little bit longer at the front would make it a bit more interesting, and then it was time to start chopping!

I really can’t stress enough how much I usually hate going to the hairdressers, even though I always end up with the exact same thing, regardless of what I’m actually after. I think that sitting in Muse, watching ridiculous amounts of hair falling around my feet, I grinned the entire time. Amanda was really great, and I am so totally in love with my new hair. Everyone at Muse is so super friendly, and I’m definitely going back (which is no small thing, I’ve only ever gone back to the same hairdresser twice in my entire life. See previous hating of haircuts.) When Amanda had finished, Scott came over and said “your hair looks wicked.” I don’t think I’ve ever been more hair-happy ever.



Totally gushing now, but I genuinely love it so much. I’m debating colour now. Opinions on ombré gratefully received!

Seriously though, get yourselves to Muse, stat.

Disclaimer: I – very happily – paid for my haircut at Muse, and they didn’t invite me or ask me to write this review. I emailed Scott after having my hair cut to ask if I could review the salon here, because I loved it. Photos, apart from my posey instagram selfie, are from Muse’s instagram, or their website.


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