Another food post? Yup – I like eating.  This one’s more about the cocktails though.  Got to have balance in these things.

Last week, the gorgeous Miss IndigoButtons and I headed to The Basement on Broughton Street for a much-needed catch up and some cocktails. Kirsty got there first, and nabbed us a sofa in the window and all the cushions, so we were pretty comfy.

It’s not long been refurbished, and has a new menu to go with its new look, so we thought it only fair that we try (almost) everything out. We went for the tapas menu, so that we could get all the food, and then share it, but the main dishes looked pretty good too. We’re clearly too indecisive to commit to just one dinner 😉

We went for pulled pork tacos, chipotle chili beef empanadias, albondigas, taquitos, and roasted sweet potato with cinnamon butter. Yum. We ordered the amount that the waitress recommended, but we definitely could have eaten a couple more dishes. Maybe we’re just piggy we were just hungry.


The empanadias were great, and the sweet potato was seriously moreish.  Next time, I’m going to go for the main menu, and I’m definitely giving the burritos a try.  I’m a huge fan of Mexican food (I wish SO HARD that there was a Wahaca in Edinburgh), and the food at The Basement was good, but lets be honest, Kirsty and I weren’t reeeeeally there for the food. We were there for the gin. Enter the Purple Ruin.


This little glass of loveliness is full of Beefeater gin, apricot brandy, creme de cassis, and fresh lemon. It was so good that I had to drink a few to make sure. I’m totally going to try recreating this myself, and I had totally forgotten how much I love flavoured brandy. Kirsty wasn’t as taken with the Ruin as I was, and she switched to a Blackcurrant Daiquiri, which was pretty delish.

We had such a good catch up and (get ready for the soppy blogger love) the company was just bloody awesome. I think that Kirsty is the only person I know who gets herself into even more ridiculous scenarios than I do, and I had a hilarious night. ALL THE LOVE.

The only slight downside to our night was the amount of time we waited for the bill, and then the amount of time we waited to be able to pay – it was a Wednesday night, and it was pretty quiet, so fifteen minutes before we gave up and went up to pay at the bar seemed a touch unnecessary, but it was hardly the end of the world.

As Kirsty had to head to work the next day, we headed across the street to the Oh! Bar for a swift last drink, and by the time we wandered off in our separate directions, I was most definitely ever-so-slightly tipsy.  I think I might have to branch out with my cocktail choices next time, but the Prince references and the gin were just so good.  I also need to point out that The Basement had THE BEST old school soundtrack for a Wednesday night cocktail bar.  Artful Dodger and So Solid Crew?  Awesome.

Disclaimer: We went to the Basement for dinner and drinks that we paid for ourselves, and we weren’t asked to review, but come on – two bloggers having dinner and cocktails? Has to be done 😉 All opinions and reviews are honest, as always!


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