Bindi Kitchen & Cookery School

On Friday night, to celebrate having miraculously managed to write and hand in our dissertation proposals on time (go us!), Dave, Madden, Francis, Manuela, and I went for dinner at Bindi, on St Patrick Square.

Bindiya explained the menu to us, and when we were struggling to decide how many platters we wanted (and I was deciding how many bhajia I could eat), she ordered for us, and the perfect amount of food arrived at our table. We had the two sample platters; one, the Bombay Chowpatty Taster from the street food menu, and the other, the Nashto Sampler from the more traditional menu. Plus some amazing onion bhajia, and a bottle of the house white. From the platters, the garlic mogo, pani puri, chaat, and patra were the favourites from what I remember, but to be honest, there was nothing left after about ten minutes, and we were all pretty impressed with everything. So impressed (and so busy eating) that I completely forgot to take any pictures of the starters. What a shame, I’ll have to go back…

For mains, we ordered five thalis. From what I can work out from the menu, the dishes you get depends on what fresh ingredients there are that day, saying that you get “two different shaaks, daal, roti or puri and basmati rice”. Luckily for you, I remembered to attempt to be a good blogger by the time we got to mains.


Yeah, looks pretty amazing, right? I’m totally going to go back and see if the dishes change. It was so good.

Being a cookery school, Bindi also offer classes, where you can spend three and a half hours learning how to cook traditional Gujarati food. Having eaten there, I’m so tempted.

If you’re quick, there’s also a Holi celebration at Bindi on Sunday the 16th March, with a special £10 menu to go with it, between 2pm & 6pm. I’m at work, so I can’t go, but if you’re free, you definitely should.

Disclaimer: The food was really, really, good, and I wanted to share it with you – I wasn’t paid to eat at Bindi, or for this review, and I paid for my dinner on Friday night. I just really enjoyed it!


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