Smiggle Stationery

Tomorrow, Australian stationery brand, Smiggle open their first UK store at Westfield Stratford. There’ll be stores in Reading, Brighton and Kingston soon too very soon, and Smiggle are aiming to create stationery that’s something a little bit different.

Smiggle very kindly sent me some goodies*, and my crazy to-do lists are looking much jazzier now!  I’m on Innovation Learning Week at uni this week, and my innovative activities so far have included drinking too much wine, watching an enormous amount of Mitchell and Webb (which I’ve somehow never seen before?!), making overly decorative to-do/to-read lists (30 gel pens are very good reason), and listening to Kanye’s Drunk in Love remix (NSFW!) on repeat, in my fab new Smiggle sport headphones. I think that’s innovative enough, right?

They also sent me some stacking highlighters (which are the best idea ever), a mini calculator (essential as I’m worse than useless – there’s a reason I do words and not numbers), a very pink mechanical pencil, a pingy keyring, a ruler, the best eyebrow pencil sharpener (ha! Dual purpose!) and one of these zippy pencil cases to keep it all together.


You can have a browse of Smiggle’s Australian online store here, and if you’re in town tomorrow, definitely head to Westfield for an opening day browse!

I received some products from Smiggle, but as always, all views and opinions are honest, and my own. 


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