Checking In…

I’ve forgone the TGIF and Silent Sunday posts this week, and given myself a week off of blogging. I don’t have any classes for Uni next week, and I’m massively looking forward to spending the majority of my week in my onesie, reading books. It’s going to be bliss.

This is kind of a little “checking in” post, just to give you a wave, and say that I’m still here, and that I’ll be back once I’ve recharged a bit 🙂

Here are some bits I’ve collected this week.

image from pinterest

Ralph talks a lot of sense.

tomgauldabsalomimage from Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld‘s illustration of Absalom, Absalom! is just the best.

Oh, Jeff. ILY.

At some point this week, I’m going to put clothes on and venture outside to get more of my hair chopped off. Yep, Project ‘Yonce Bob is happening. (Speaking of; has anyone been to Muse Hair Salon in Leith? I need hairdresser recommendations!)

hairimages from pinterest

If you have Spotify (or if you don’t), you should go and listen to my new TST playlist from RayRay. She gives the best six-monthly aural education.  I’ve also been obsessively listening to Lorde’s Pure Heroine, Jeff Buckley’s Grace (because it’s utterly perfect), and Of Monsters And Men’s My Head is an Animal. Yay. Good reading music. I need to start paying for my Spotify; ten hours is not enough.

And in case you’re looking for something to read, here are four blogs you should go and visit immediately.
Polly May & The Like
The View From This Afternoon
The Debrief
Never Underdressed

Okay, that’ll do you for now. Have an awesome week 🙂


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