Deacon Brodie’s

On Wednesday night, Palvashay and I were invited to the practice run of the newly refurbished Deacon Brodie’s Tavern, on the Lawnmarket. The lure of a new menu is enough to get me out in virtually any weather, so we braved the rain and dashed across the Royal Mile to the pub.


We headed upstairs to the dining room, where the food on everyone else’s plates looked absolutely delicious, and we spent too long debating over the menu. Palvashay decided on a 21-day aged ribeye steak with peppercorn sauce, and after about a minutes deliberation over the size of the burgers, I went for Nicholson’s Ultimate Burger. Our lovely waitress (whose name I didn’t catch) said that our fod might take 20 minutes or so, because of what we were having, but we were pretty happy to wait.

And then it arrived.

Palvashay’s steak looked amazing.

And calling this burger “ultimate” is definitely not an exaggeration.

That photo doesn’t really give a very good impression of how enormous it was…

Yes, there are two burgers in my burger. And bacon. And some utterly amazing bbq sauce that had ginger beer or something in it. Yes, I ate it all.

I actually don’t know how we both managed to clear our plates. The food was so good that I think we just got a bit carried away. Honestly, I think that’s the best burger I’ve ever eaten. Just amazing.

… and then, because we are horrendous gluttons, we had dessert.


I had the pale ale chocolate brownie, and if people everywhere could start putting ale in their brownies, that’d be great, because it was scrummy.

P went for the beer, bread and butter pudding, and I was a bit jealous. It was amazing.

By the time we finished, we were barely able to even string a sentence together. All of the food was incredible, and the service was great. Deacon Brodie’s is properly open now, as far as I’m aware, and you can find it on the Lawnmarket section of the Royal Mile, on the corner.

Disclaimer: Palvashay had an invitation to Deacon Brodie’s practice run, and I went as her plus one. I wasn’t asked to write this post, and as ever, all opinions are entirely my own. But seriously, if you want to eat a dinner that sends you home in a meat coma, go and eat here. Epic.


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