K-nit Beanies

When k-nit recently got in touch with me, it was this video that really piqued my interest.

Keeping warm is pretty much my top priority at the moment, and I was totally sold on these cute little handmade beanies. I was offered one to review and chose the Howitt “Shexy Wexy”* after much deliberation. I love it, and have been happily bobbling about in it all over Essex and Edinburgh. It’s pink and grey and fair-isle-y, and it’s got BRIGHT PINK cosy lining, and just the perfect amount of slouch.


I love that the shop is constantly changing, as all of the beanies are designed and constructed by hand, so new designs are coming up all the time. At the moment there are six different styles, in all different colours. All of the k-nit beanies are made in the UK, with 100% lambswool yarn.

Honestly, everything about the k-nit brand is just awesome. I love the story of the beginning, and Peggy’s cadillac. The whole brand is just so cute, and it’s lovely to work with a little company that started out as someone’s hobby. Being able to share little companies like this is why I love blogging πŸ™‚
You can find k-nit on Facebook too, where they have offers and competitions for custom-knit beanies.

(As ever, all writing and opinions are my own. I received a beanie from k-nit to review, but I’ll always review honestly and openly.)


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