Three’s Blogger Pals

The lovely people at Three recently contacted me to see if I’d be interested in a blogger pal project – sort of like a chain letter, but with an apps and an iPhone 5S*, instead of handing out my home address to five strangers 😉

The lovely Lizzie at The Dust on the Ground was first up (her post is here), and after a couple of weeks, the phone arrived on my doorstep. I spent Christmas taking photos on it and playing Dumb Ways to Die, which is horribly addictive. I thought I’d share some of the other apps and goodies I’ve put on to it, before I send it off to Cherry at Cherry Pie!

tbpDuolingo | Dumb Ways to Die| Flixster
Temple Run 2 | Any.Do | Flipagram
PhotoWonder | BBC Mundo | Repix

These are basically the apps (outside of social media) that I pretty much can’t live without.

Duolingo and BBC Mundo
Along with the fact that I’ve swiched my phone, facebook and twitter into Spanish, I’m hoping that reading the news headlines in Spanish, and doing puzzles and things on Duolingo, will keep my Spanish on track. Immersion works, even if it’s massively frustrating trying to work out what the Facebook app wants access to on every new update 😉

Polly May actually put this on for me, and it’s really helpful! It gives you ratings from both ‘normal’ people and film critics, and shows you all the times and listings for your local cinemas. Considering the enormous list of films that Amy and I have got a list of now, this’ll come in handy for planning our Orange Wednesdays.

Dumb Ways to Die and Temple Run 2
For bus journeys. If you’ve never played DWtD, go and download it. Right now. And then try not to get killed by being eaten by a bear or by falling on the train tracks attempting to save your balloons. Sounds morbid, but is brilliant.

This is my favourite list-making app, and it’s friendly! You can move tasks around, put them in folders, and you get a little “WOOHOO!” every time you check something off of your list.

This makes slideshows of all your photos, so you can put them on Instagram like a video. Pretty much my entire instagram feed was made of flipagram videos at New Year, and I think they;re cute. You can put music over the top of videos too, and theres a 15second option (for insta videos), and a 30second option.

PhotoWonder and Repix
PhotoWonder is amazing for when your best attempt at a selfie just still isn’t quite cutting it. The ‘beautify’ button is literal genius, and makes a no-makeup/bad hair day look like you just walked out of a photoshoot. Awesome.
Repix gives you pretty much the same effects as PicFX, but it’s free. Want bokeh lights all over your pictures? Repix is for you.

What apps do you use all the time? Are there any you think I should add to my list of essentials?

(I have to state that Three sent me an iPhone 5S to review for a period of time before I sent it on.  All opinions are my own, and I have no affiliation with any of the apps mentioned in this post, I just love them!)


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