Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

I know, I know, it’s a bit late for a Christmas post, but I don’t care – my Christmas isn’t quite finished yet 😛


I flew back to a very wet and windswept Essex on Christmas Eve morning, on the quietest flight I’ve ever been on. I was expecting it to be really busy, but there were only about fifteen people on the plane! Dad came to meet me at the airport, and driving back home took longer than the flight – almost every road we attempted to drive down was flooded and we had to turn around and go a different way. We stopped off in Tiptree to see Dolly and Brian and have a cup of tea, and then headed off again. Eventually we got home at about 11am, and after a bit of catching up, Dad went off to meet his friends at the pub and Mum, Sarah and I went to Chimichangas for dinner and cocktails. Yum.


We got home just in time for Brooke and Matt to arrive, and had a really lovely evening. Dad snuck off to bed once his hangover kicked in early, and Brooke & Matt stayed until about 11 and then headed off for their Canvey Island Christmases. Best Christmas Eve ever, driving about, seeing people, Mexican food, literary cocktails (mine was called a Tequila Mockingbird), and finishing up snuggled on the sofa with my bestest friend, opening presents, watching rubbish on the telly and eating frazzles. The frazzles were mostly Brooke.  Also, Brooke & Matt got me the BEST Christmas jumper ever.


Sarah very kindly woke me up on Christmas morning when she got too impatient to wait any longer, and we opened our pressies. I’ve been thoroughly spoilt this year, with a gorgeous Biba purse (from Sarah), and a Michael Kors bracelet (from Mum & Dad) as well as books, CDs, DVDs and more Jaffa Cakes than I’ve had hot dinners. Feeling very lucky and very loved 🙂


Sarah got me up far too early to not have lunch until 3pm, so by the time the Christmas dinner was ready, we were starving. Good job really, because it was huge. As I’m sure everyone else did, we spent the afternoon watching the DVDs we’d got and feeling ridiculously full. Too full even for gateau. We saved it to have for Mum’s birthday cake. I beat everyone at Scrabble (YAY, WORDS! BA ENGLISH LITERATURE FTW!!)


Boxing Day is Mum’s birthday, so Sarah & I took her to Lakeside for shopping and Ed’s, where – yet again – we ate too much.  Sensing a theme?


I flew home on Friday evening, on almost the most turbulent flight ever (excluding flying to Amsterdam) and got blown across the road into a cab, and then home! What a lovely welcome back to Edinburgh :/ This week is HOGMANAY and I am massively excited – I’ve never really been out for New Years’ before, so it’ll be good! And then the week after, I’ll be heading back to Essex to see people I didn’t get a chance to over Christmas, and possibly try to sneak in a cheeky curry club before I come back up. Yay!

How was your Christmas?


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