Goodreads Challenge 2013

This year, my challenge was to read 60 books – I completed it a few weeks ago, and added another 9 (finished) books on top, not including the ones I’m reading at the moment.  This is what I read in 2013…

GR13_7These are the most recent, so these are my “extra” ones to the challenge. I reviewed Boy, Snow, Bird and The Night Flower earlier this month. I did abandon The Irresistible Inheritance Of Wilberforce, but I might go back to it, maybe.

GR13_6Lots of uni books in this lot! The Virgin Suicides was far better than I expected (hyped books don’t usually live up to expectations… *cough* TFIOS *cough*), and I reviewed The Beauty Game for six out of ten magazine.

GR13_5When God was a Rabbit = ❤
N-W was my other abandoned book, but I don’t think two in a whole year is too bad!!

GR13_4Lots of goodies in this one, Oryx and Crake in preparation for Maddaddam and seeing Margaret Atwood with Rachel, Killing Williamsburg, Mr Fox, and Half Blood Blues.  I didn’t *get* The Sense of an Ending at all, and Glamorama… ugh.

GR13_3I reviewed Petite Mort on the blog (and put it on Brooke’s Reading List), and I absolutely LOVED Southern Cross the Dog.  If you like Cormac McCarthy, and/or Faulkner, definitely get hold of a copy of this.  Both the book and the ballet of Raven Girl were beautiful, and Oh, Mexico! and Zen Kyu Maestro made me wish my Spanish was better.  TFIOS just didn’t live up to my expectations, sadly, and I wish it had, because I seem to be the only person ever to have read it and really not liked it.

GR13_2Ah Snopes. I think I could probably recite whole chunks of this off by heart.  Thanks, dissertation.  The Road is awesome and terrifying and if you haven’t already read it, you should.  American Psycho is just terrifying. I read Glamorama later to see if the writing was any better, or the violence any worse, and I wish I hadn’t read either. I get why American Psycho is important, and I see what it’s trying to do, but I just hate it.

GR13_1And that brings us back to January.  I’ve read loads of Herman Melville this year.  And loads of Toni Morrison.  Never a bad thing.  Paradise is excellent.

If you made it to the end of this incredibly long post, go and get yourself a biscuit.  Have you read any of these books this year? Did you have a Goodreads challenge?  Have you completed it? Can I ask twenty questions about your book reading habits?!

All of my books are (of course) on GoodReads. Now I have to pick a number for 2014’s challenge…


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