A little while ago, Rosie came up with the idea of a mass second hand, blogger book swap. never one to turn down book recommendations, I was in.

This was her idea:

I gather names and email addresses of people interested. You then spend a couple of weeks trawling your local charity shops, second-hand bookshops, car boot sales, Amazon used – whatever – for two amazing books that you love. They must be good, clean copies – they don’t have to be brand new but they have to be in what I would call ‘very good condition’ – not something that looks like it’s been dropped in the bath! You then post both copies out to your allotted swapee, maybe with a little treat for them to enjoy their books with, just a suggestion! (Feel free to send more books if you like but two is what you can expect from your partner).

I was matched up with the lovely Sarah, and after much deliberation of books, I sent her books off! Sarah’s post office people are not the brightest, it seems, and they sent her parcel back to her before it made it’s way up to Scotland, but I was ridiculously excited to head the post office depot yesterday and pick up my parcel!

This is what I opened…

I KNOW, RIGHT? (I feel a bit bad about my measly “just books” parcel now!)

Under all of that sugary goodness, there are books.


The wrapping was so beautiful that I almost didn’t want to unwrap them, but I untangled them to find these beauties, both of which have been on my radar forever, but I’ve not go round to buying for some reason.


I’m so pleased with the books that Sarah sent me, and my lovely little parcel of goodies, and the lovely notecard she included. We’re hopefully going to do another book swap in the New Year, so yay! I want to book swap with everyone! It’s the best idea ever! (Loads of enthusiasm and exclamation marks!!)

You can read Sarah’s blog, What Sarah Says, here.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think? And have you ever done a blogger-swap?


5 thoughts on “#bloggerbookswap

  1. chickywiggle (@chickywiggle) says:

    what a lovely gift. I think mine fell through. I totally forgot due to moving house but then last week I though “ohh I’ll post it”….. but have not received anything from the other person yet I lost the motivation! (Have been stung before when I’ve sent something and got nothing back)

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