Now that it’s definitely cold enough to be winter, I figured that it’s probably time to switch my mega bright lipsticks for something a bit more seasonal. With that in mind, I headed to my nearest MAC counter and tried out some suitably autumnal lipsticks. Rebel was one of my favourites (as seen on the gorgeous Gillian, here), but being a tad out of my safety zone, I was a bit reluctant to spend £15 on a lipstick I might get home and hate. I wandered off to see if I could find anything similar, but on a bit more of a budget.

Sadly, my budget makeup go-to, MUA, didn’t have anything that fitted my “berryish-but-not-too-goth” idea, but whilst I was in Superdrug, I spotted this little bargain, BeautyUK’s Plumalicious for a very purse-friendly £3.49, and it looked pretty similar to MAC’s Rebel, so I trotted happily off to the tills. When I got home, I did a quick bit of googling, and apparently it’s a pretty good dupe, so I think I did quite well!


I am wearing it with a near neon pink lipliner underneath, because I can’t ditch the brights just yet, but I think it’ll be nice and wintery without one, or with my MAC Magenta lip pencil underneath. What do you think?


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