Marius OnePiece

I definitely feel like Christmas has come early this year, what with the John Lewis Secret Santa (which I’ll blog about later this week), and the UPS man bringing me an ever-so-slightly festive parcel. When I was asked if I’d like to review a OnePiece, I could not have been more excited. I am in no way, shape or form, prepared for the level of cold I’m going to endure over a Scottish winter (apparently it’s “not even cold” yet…!?) so a onesie, and a 350gsm fleece one at that, sounded very appealing.

I chose the Marius Onesie* in navy, red and white, after much deliberation. I went for a Small, because the sizes are based on height, and I wanted it to be slouchy.Β  My other favourite was the camo green Jeansy which I love, but I decided that I would actually never get dressed, because it could definitely pass for ‘real clothes’.


I waited (very impatiently) for the postman, and followed my onesies progress on the website (am I the only person who loves tracking?), and then I put my onesie on, and danced around the living room to JayZ. Hey, if a snuggly new onesie isn’t an excuse to dance around the living room and take photos of yourself, I don’t know what is.


OnePiece have also very kindly given me a discount code to give to you lovely readers, for you to get 20% off of OnePieces of your own! It’s valid until the 10th December, just in time for Christmas parcels πŸ™‚


I’m off to uni now, to do some essay writing, which sadly means I have to actually get dressed, but I’m quite looking forward to spending wintery nights in on the sofa, in my onesie, with a film and a huge bag of minstrels!


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