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Earlier this week, I was contacted about’s search for a Spontaneity Champion. The competition is running until the 1st December, and the winner will become the face of the brand and receive up to Β£50,000 of travel and experiences.
All you have to do is upload a 60-second video to YouTube, explaining why you should be the Spontaneity Champion. All details of how to enter are on the website,

I’m a big fan of spontaneous trips; the idea of just packing a bag and hopping on a plane or train to go and see somewhere for a few days is massively appealing, and sometimes you only need a couple of days away from your usual surroundings to recharge.

I’d love to go to Prague for a weekend; I love mine & Rachel’s January trips (so far, we’ve done Amsterdam and Budapest), and I think I’m just embracing the cold holidays as much as the warm ones now! Christmas markets, and visiting the National Marionette Theatre would be top of the list. For some slightly warmer weather, Morocco is definitely on my “to visit” list – it just looks beautiful in every photo I’ve ever seen, and I love the idea of trailing around the souk markets for hours, eating cous cous. Absolutely top of the list though, and definitely in cold country territory, is seeing the Northern Lights. I’ve just added this glass igloo to my Wanderlist on Pinterest, it looks amazing. A spontaneous trip to Iceland, to spend a weekend in an igloo, under the northen lights, would just about beat every other trip I’ve ever been on.

nl(image from Pinterest) have also very kindly offered a beauty treatment for one of you to win, so leave me a comment below telling me about your dream spontaneous weekend!


I used’s generator to choose a winner, and here is what came up…


The fourth commenter on this post was Suzigreenfrog – congrats!! I will pass your details on, and Lastminute will be in touch with you regarding your beauty treatment.
Thank you to everyone who entered! xx


10 thoughts on “Love Living Lastminute

  1. Kirstie Dyke says:

    I think for my dream spontaneous weekend, I’d first swing by home and pick my mum up. I’m at uni so I only get to see her every three months! We’d fly to Copenhagen and spend our days sightseeing (got to see the little mermaid statue) and shopping for some classic Danish interior design as my mum is moving house. It would be pretty fun to jump on a ride at the world’s oldest amusement park while bundled up in all our layers, coats and scarves.
    There’s a whole page dedicated to where you can buy cakes in Copenhagen on the tourism website so I think I’d stop at quite a few cafes to refuel
    Seeing as it’s a spontaneous weekend I don’t think we’d get reservations at the world’s best restaurant (or ever…wishful thinking eh?) but in the name of spontaneity I’m sure we’d try. I’ll brush up on my celebrity impressions to try and get us in.

  2. emma says:

    My ideal spontaneous weekend would be jumping on a plane with my good friend terri-jane and heading to morocco. A nice long weekend of tagines and fabulous food, and spending the days wandering the souks buying old leather bags that still smell of camel.. its still pretty warm there too so i could ditch a couple of the many layers of clothing ive been wearing.. can we go now please? I can come and pick you up if you give me 7.5 hours to drive there! Xx

  3. Brooke says:

    I would steal you Miss Dow and run away to Venice to take you to the cutest stationary shop in the world! We’d grab a slice of pizza from a backstreet vendor followed by the best ice cream in the world.

    We’d grab a water taxi and a water bus… and then because you have to we’d get a gondola touring all the little water ways and the grand canal.

    To cure the sea sickness…we’d have to wander the little cobbled streets getting lost and SHOPPING! Designer and little hand made Italian glass shops galore!

    Then in our designer threads onto some culture- visiting St Marks Basillica to look around and maybe take in a concert.

    In the evening we’d go to the oldest cafe in town- Caffee Florian (opened in 1720… I hope they’ve redone the toilets!) where a 5 piece band plays and it costs Β£40 for 2 beers (but apparently the atmosphere in the evening when St Marks square empties a little)

    How’s about it…. all we need to do is find a rich man to finance it : )

  4. suzigreenfrog says:

    You don’t really need to go far to be spontaneous London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, there’s architecture to go and look at, parks to go and sit in, museums to visit (for free), you can take a picnic so it doesn’t need to cost you much. So go and be a visitor in your own city, there’s loads to see.

  5. Janey says:

    Paris is probably a bit predictable when it comes to spontaneous travel, but as I have never been to France, I would love to go! I’d grab my besties, hop on the Eurostar, and head straight there, wrapped up nice and warm of course! We’d do all the usual touristy stuff: Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Arc De Triomphe and the Moulin Rouge, and then find a lovely little bistro for dinner. And if we had time, I’m sure there might be a bit of Disneyland Paris to be explored!

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