All The Pretty Horses

Partly inspired by Katie’s birds, which were my desktop background on my laptop forever, and partly inspired by Cormac McCarthy (and a cover of the novel All the Pretty Horses that I can’t seem to find anywhere on the internet, but hey ho), I did a little bit of DIY-ing on my bedroom wall.

Easy peasy, and now my plain wall looks pretty!!


You just need an old magazine (one with lots of ads in would work better than one with lots of words), and some silhouettes.  I printed out some outlines of galloping horses from google. There were millions, but I only cut out two different ones in the end, and mixed them up.


Once the outlines were cut out, I drew around them onto the magazine pages, and cut out about four pages at a time.


Here they are, all laid out… (it was dark by now, so apologies for darker photos!)


And then I blutacked them up onto the wall!  I might add some more to the herd, but these’ll do for now.




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