National Museum of Scotland

When Brooke and Matt came up to visit last weekend, we were wandering around Old Town Edinburgh when the heavens opened, and it started to absolutely pour down. We decided to dash to the National Museum of Scotland, and get some culture whilst we waited for the rain to stop.

After we’d checked in our bags and coats, we went off upstairs, armed with our maps and cameras. Matt had his snazzy new camera with him, but my trusty iPhone had already showed him up on the rainbow front, hahaha 😉


We were greeted at the top of the stairs by a smiling Moby Dick. Ahab would’ve been impressed.

We also saw the largest scrimshaw in the world. Carved on the jaws of a sperm whale, the pictures show the ships, and the hunt for the sperm whales.  They were so detailed and intricate, and really beautiful.

After the whalebones, we headed off to the Natural World, where we got to look at the world in 360 degrees, as if we were related to this guy…

…and we weighed ourselves up against some of natures finest. I weigh the same as a giant anteater! Go me!

Next up was Africa, and this friendly looking family.

After we’d done the Natural World, we headed up to the roof terrace, where it had (thankfully) just about stopped raining, and for long enough for us to take some pictures! The view was incredible, and I’d imagine that on a nice day, when it’s a bit warmer, you could sit up there for ages, just looking at things. Edinburgh is so pretty.

After the museum we headed home, and then on to Illegal Jacks for dinner, where we ate giant burritos, drank copious amounts of margaritas, and Brooke serenaded us. Awesome.


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