Photo an Hour

When I first moved to Edinburgh, I joined in with Janey‘s “Photo an Hour” project on Instagram, but I never actually did anything with the photos that I took. On Saturday morning, I spotted that Janey was doing another join-in photo an hour, and I thought it’d be nice to put the pictures up here, as I had Brooke and Matt visiting for the weekend.

So, here’s what we got up to!

pad8am :: getting up ridiculously early because I was excited
10am :: on the bus to meet Brooke & Matt in Edinburgh
11am :: breakfast at the City Cafe
12pm :: rainbow!
1pm :: smiley sperm whale at the National Museum of Scotland
2pm :: karma chameleon
3pm :: view from the roof of the museum
4pm :: cake at Pep & Fodder
5pm :: crumbs
6pm:: lift photos
7pm :: friends reruns
9pm :: illegal jacks
10pm:: margaritas!

I did, inevitably, miss a couple of hours, but not many!
I do actually really enjoy doing these, and I like looking at everyone elses on Instagram, so if you joined in, leave me a comment and I’ll have a look!


4 thoughts on “Photo an Hour

  1. Janey says:

    The sperm whale is terrifying, but other than that, I love your photos! Every time you post photos of Edinburgh, it just makes me more determined to go there – it looks like such a beautiful city!

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