John Lewis Secret Santa

santa(image from Google)

I’m sitting on the sofa, in my pyjamas, with a hot water bottle, so I definitely feel wintery enough to be writing the first Christmas-related post of 2013!

I’m very excited to be taking part in the John Lewis Blogger Secret Santa this year – I love the John Lewis Christmas adverts, and this year’s, #bearandhare, hasn’t disappointed!

It’s also Lily Allen’s return to the music world, what do you think? I love it, but 2012’s is pretty hard to beat. I’ts just. so. cute.

I’ve never taken part in a blogger Secret Santa before, but I’ve done a couple of workplace ones, and I’m pretty excited to find out who I’m going to be gift-hunting for! I like the idea of Secret Santas, and I think that a blogger one is such a good idea, it’ll be a nice way to find new blogs to read, and I’m all for that. I won’t find out who I’m buying for until Monday, and then will get to choose them a lovely early Christmas present from John Lewis which’ll be sent out on the 25th November. Oh, and someone will be doing the same for me – YAY CHRISTMAS!!

I’m off to watch more Christmassy YouTubes. Is it still too early for Elf?!


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