Bastille at the Picture House


Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to see Bastille at The Picture House on their Bad Blood Returns tour, thanks to Seatwave.


Having seen them at Glastonbury this summer, I was so excited to see them again, in a venue of their own, and one much, much smaller than the tent at Glasto they’d played. I took Polly May, and did they massively live up to the hype I’d given them, or what. I am now just waiting for Dan Smith to acknowledge my existence and fall head over heels in love with me, because obviously that’s imminent.

As well as playing nigh on all of the Bad Blood album, Bastille also played a few new songs from their just-announced extended CD, All This Bad Blood – “Campus“, “The Silence“, “The Draw“, and “Of The Night”. (They also played “Blame“, but I can’t see it on the tracklist for the new album!)


For the final song, Pompeii, Bastille were joined on stage by support acts Swizz Lips and Dan Croll (who I also really liked), which I thought was actually really nice – they all looked like they were loving it, and had their smartphones out to take pictures as much as the audience did!

Live, Bastille are incredible – even better than they are recorded – and the venue was pretty perfect. I had been really looking forward to seeing them at a smaller venue, and they didn’t disappoint!

Seatwave very kindly sent me two tickets to see Bastille*. If you’ve not heard of them before, they’re an online market place for tickets, where you can buy and sell tickets for live events. At the moment, there are Stereophonics tickets available, as well as other music gigs, sport events, and theatre. As always, all writing and opinions here are my own 🙂


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