The Hope, Glasgow

I was invited, along with some of the other lovely Scottish bloggers, to the relaunch of The Hope, in Glasgow. Directly opposite Glasgow Central station, it’s well within stumbling distance of a train home, so off we went!

We arrived at just about 7pm, and I can honestly say that this was the busiest event I’ve ever been to! We were greeted at the door with glasses of prosecco, and somehow we managed to score a round table in the corner. There was a DJ playing, and overall the atmosphere was a lot more “bar like” at The Hope than at the West Port the week before.


We were lucky enough to be treated to some dishes from the new menu, and as we had quite a big table, not much got past us! We tried chicken skewers, mini prawn cocktails, mini burgers, and pulled pork (totally my new favourite everything, by the way!). We all agreed that the little cans of potato skins were ingenious; like skin-on chips, without the chip. They were pretty popular! I was clearly far too busy eating to actually take any decent photos of most of what we got to try, past the stater platters. Bad blogger award over here, please.


The desserts were equally good, chocolate fudge cake, profiteroles, and white chocolate ice cream. Yum. Safe to say that none of them lasted very long!

The Hope has got some really lovely decor going on too, and playing Roman Holiday on the big screens is a definite bonus point. The chandeliers above our table were just gorgeous, and the ceiling is like Glasgows own Sistine Chapel 😉 I’m not familiar at all with Glasgow, and this was my first visit, but if The Hope is anything to go by, I’ll definitely be back!


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