Deep Cleansing Facial at Shumailas

Nine hours on a Megabus trends to leave you feeling a bit… grimy. Unless, of course, you’re booked in for a Deep Cleansing Facial* once you get to the other end, with just enough time in between for a French toast breakfast πŸ˜‰

I made my way to Gants Hill on Saturday morning, and found the Shumailas salon on Cranbrook Road pretty easily (for drivers, there’s parking along the next road, but public transport is really easy). The gorgeous Shifa was there to meet me, and we had a little chat about blogging, Scotland, and scary beauty contraptions before Nadiea cane over to introduce herself and tell me about the facial.

Soon it was time for my appointment, so Nadiea showed me into the treatment room, which was pretty instantly relaxing, to be honest!Β  After getting off all of my layers of mascara, Nadiea cleansed my skin and then switched on the maglight, which is a lap with a big magnifying glass attached, so that your skin can be properly inspected, and so that the facial can be properly tailored to what you need. I genuinely dread to think what my face looked like under there. Eek.

Nadiea said that I had some oily areas and some drier, sensitive areas, so she planned to use some different products to what she’d originally thought. She used a micro-exfoliant, and then massaged my face, before setting up a steam treatment, which was amazing. After the steam, she applied two different types of mask, one for the more oily parts, and one super nourishing one.

When it was time for the mask to come off, Nadiea added some spf to the moisturiser, and then I was done, feeling baby soft, and very, very clean!

I am pretty terrible when it comes to skincare, and Nadiea did look slightly horrified when I admitted that my skincare routine basically consists of baby wipes, and a bit of moisturiser… Sorry! My face does honestly feel so much better, and I’ve bought some trial sizes of the cleanser, microfoliant, and eye cream, so maybe I’m a changed woman! (I probably should be, I think I might have reached the limits of pushing 25 years of good skin as far as I can!)


All of the products used in the Deep Cleansing Facial at Shumailas are by Dermalogica, and Nadiea was absolutely fantastic. I really can’t recommend her enough. The facial I had costs Β£35, and there are lots of different facial available. There are four Shumailas salons, based around the Ilford/Gants Hill area, but the one I visited is their main salon.

Almost a week later, my skin still feels amazing, and the puffy bags under my eyes, which are pretty much a constant, still haven’t reappeared.
Thanks again for inviting me, I’ll definitely be back!


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