Sarah’s Graduation!


Yesterday was Sarah ‘s graduation, so off we went to the Royal Naval College in Greenwich, which is just such a gorgeous venue. We were so lucky with the weather, too, considering Sunday night/Monday mornings storm. We headed off in the car to the nearest Tube station, and really has no delays at all. Phew!

Once we got to the College, Sarah headed in to get her cap and gown, and reappeared just as the sun came out. She did have to battle the wind a little bit, but her mortar board was pinned pretty firmly in place – apparently, “cap throwing” is too American for Greenwich, and she wasn’t allowed!


I love this photo, I’m so proud of her, and even though she’s already working, it was so lovely to celebrate how well she’s done. Some of the last three years haven’t been easy, she had a couple of horrible placements that made her think that maybe she didn’t want to be a teacher after all, but she’s done it, and done it well, and she puts so much into her job it’s unreal. Her classroom looks fantastic, and she literally never stops working. I’m taking get back up to Edinburgh with me tonight for a couple of days, so that she has a little break, and so that I can show her the sights!

I wasn’t allowed into the actual ceremony, as there were no spare tickets (wah), so when Sarah, mum and dad disappeared into the chapel, I wandered off to the cafe, where they were showing a live feed of the stage, so I still got to see it, and in arguably comfier surroundings! They don’t let you sit with a cup of tea and a muffin in the ceremonies!

She came out just as it stopped raining, and photos were taken of everyone who’s graduated, and then they headed into the Painted Hall for the reception. Dad popped in, and then came out and have me his ticket so that I could go and have a look. The hall is beautiful, and they apparently do tours and things so that you can see it properly. After a glass of wine, we came back out and Sarah went off to get her photos taken, narrowly missing the rain again.



Photos done, and cap and gown returned, it was time for some dinner, so we hopped back on the DLR to Stratford, and went to find the TGI Fridays at Westfield. After far too many onion rings, and the best photo of Dad I’ve possibly ever taken, we headed home.



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