After two weeks of having no internet – we’re reconnected! Yay! As I’ve been MIA for the last fortnight, I thought I’d write up a little photo post to share some of the things I’ve been up to.

I’m headed home for the weekend, for this clever little sausages graduation, and I’ll be bringing her back to Edinburgh with me next week for some adventures! So far, we’re planning to visit the Edinburgh Dungeon and scare ourselves silly, and we’re going to see Bastille. SO EXCITED. Other than that, I’m going to take her for coffee at the Elephant House, “birthplace of Harry Potter”, and we’re going to mooch around some museums and things. She wants to “see things”, so if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

So, what have I been doing whilst I’ve had no internet? This….


moody skies | creepy, kooky & mysteriously spooky | nails | west port | photo wondering with the lovely Ms Buttons | omg amazeballs | reading | FRENCH BULLDOGS! | the view makes me feel arty | care packages from Mummy | the hope launch in Glasgow (post coming soon!) | popping candy margaritas at TGIs | tea time | good advice | rainy day supplies | leopards

In between this, I’ve been to the cinema to see About Time (Bill Nighy, I love you), a folk night, a jazz night, events for uni, lunches, shopping, two job interviews (fingers crossed!) and I’ve managed to do all my reading for class, plan one-and-a-bit essays, get some (genuinely terrifying) info about PhDs, and speak to some journal people about getting published. It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

What have you been up to? Do you have any ideas for places I need to take Sarah whilst she’s visiting?


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