West Port Hotel


Last week, I was invited to go to the relaunch of the West Port Hotel in Linlithgow.

I met up with some of the lovely #ScottishBlogger girls at Waverley, and, armed with our cans of M&S cocktails, we hopped on the train. Half an hour (and a walk in very poorly chosen footwear – Scotland is not the place for platform heels!) later, we arrived at West Port and were greeted at the door with glasses of wine. Once we were all settled, the food started coming out, and ohmygod was it good. The starter platters were amazing; a veggie one, an Italian one, and a seafood one. I don’t eat seafood, but the girls who did said that it was lovely.


Once we’d polished those off, we were treated to a selection of the small plates from the new menu; mini cajun chicken and gourment burgers, tempura chicken (which Laura summed up peefectly as “succulent”!), morroccan lamb tagine with cous cous, and roasted apple slices piled up with slow-cooked pulled pork. The pork was incredible, and I’d definitely recommend it!


Finally, it was time for dessert, and luckily we just about had room 😉 Sticky toffee pudding, cheesecake, and the best profiteroles I’ve ever eaten. Yum.


I had a fantastic night, and we headed back to the station full and ever so slightly tipsy.


The West Port Hotel is online, and on Twitter, and you can find them at 18 – 20 West Port, Linlithgow.

Thankyou for having us!


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