Yoga Folk Edinburgh

(image from pinterest)

Being as I now live in Edinburgh, and my personal physio(!) is in Essex (and currently on her honeymoon, hi Brooke!), I took to Twitter last week to see what other Edinburgh-ers thought about pilates/yoga in the city as a way of getting around the terrible posture I’ve got myself from too much reading. Helen from Yoga Folk tweeted me, inviting me to check out one of her classes. I had a look at the website, a quick google of where it was, and then on Sunday, off I went.

The studio was lovely and warm, and I think that the heat did help, because I was far more bendy than I expected to be! I’ve done a couple of yoga classes before, but not regularly. Considering that more than half of the class were beginners, I was expecting some fairly easy stretching, and then some cross-legged “aums”, as thats what I’ve had in beginner classes before.
There was none of that.
Helen’s class is what I’d call “proper yoga”. Haha. With variations for less- and more-bendy people, there were real yoga poses going on within about ten minutes. By real yoga poses, I mean that by the end of the class, I had done an eagle pose, and a camel backbend thing. YEAH I DID A BACKBEND. Check me out. I was pretty impressed with myself, and I didn’t fall over once.

I came out genuinely feeling two inches taller. Going to a yoga class on a Sunday night is a really nice way of finishing off the week, and gearing up for a new one. I’m definitely going again, and I’m going to be doing this before I know it (maybe!) 😉


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