For years and years I used to keep a journal, and I don’t really know why I stopped. I thought that moving to a new place, on my own, would be a good reason to start it up again. The first weekend I was in Edinburgh, I traipsed every stationery shop I could find for the perfect A5, page-marked, hardback journal (what can I say, I’m fussy when it comes to notebooks!) Predictably, Paperchase came up trumps with this beauty (it’s also available in blue and pink). This one was a very close second, its a far more electric blue in real life, but I was won over by the purple in the end.

On Pinterest, my filofax/notebooks board is split between filofax planning ideas, and gorgeous journal pages, like this, and this. I’m not really artistic enough for art journaling, even though I think it can look beautiful.

It’s pretty well documented that keeping a journal is good for you, and I totally agree – I tend to keep stuff inside my head, and think about it over and over until it drives me crazy, unless I write it all down. That way, I can go back and look at it later, and think “what was I even worrying about?!” It’s much easier to let things go when they aren’t occupying your mind every spare second you have.

I love this article from the Guardian

It’s an inescapable fact that some of the most thoroughly evidence-backed techniques for enhancing one’s mood are also the most excruciatingly embarrassing – the sorts of things that those of us who imagine ourselves to be rational, sceptical types would never dream of confessing to … For me, the most vivid example is keeping a gratitude journal. On the one hand, it really helps. On the other hand – well, come on. It’s keeping a gratitude journal.

So true. Haha.

Do you keep a journal or a diary?


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