I’m a big fan of wandering.  I think that when you go somewhere new, mooching around gives you the best idea of where you are.  Plus, when you’re living somewhere as pretty as Edinburgh, its hard to find a reason not to head off along the road and see where you end up.  I thought I’d do a quick post and share some of the pictures I’ve taken on my strolls around the city.


I totally never realised that I could take panoramic pictures on my phone, so this was to test it out. I think it looks pretty cool!


I took these when I got completely lost on the cycle paths that go all around where I live. But it was pretty, and I found my way out eventually (at Murrayfield!), and hopped on a bus back to the city centre. Thank you Ridacard!


These ones were taken at the top of the hill by the Scottish Parliament, where I took the panoramic ones too. I’m loving living in Edinburgh, it’s nice to live somewhere with lots of history, and lots of things to do. I’m amassing a pretty huge list of galleries, museums and exhibitions to go and see, but I’m saving them for when it’s raining. If you know of anything I have to see, let me know!

Today I’ve got a ton of reading to do, and some more CVs to send out, so I’m mostly going to be indoors in my pyjamas. Lovely.


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