Songbird Filofax

I thought it was about time for an updated filofax post, as my last one was ages ago, and I was using my little pink Opal. After my handbag post, I had a couple of comments about my filofax, and I thought it’d only be fair to give it its own post! Don’t say I’m not good to you!!

I sized up to the Personal when Brooke bought me the Songbird. It’s now discontinued (and replaced with the Swift), but I think you’d probably be able to find one on eBay 🙂  I love it; the little birds are so cute, and I’ve got all different sized post-its that match!


I’m currently in the process of rearranging it to fit in all my new stuff for uni, but at the moment, I’ve got a week on two page diary, followed by a section of notepaper from Paperchase for Uni stuff, and then pink paper for to-do lists. There’s a little clear pocket at the front with my luggage sticker from moving to Edinburgh stuck to it, Clacton Pier ride tickets, a Byron card, the card from my leaving present from Brooke, and a playing card with my signature on it from the magician at the Night Circus party.

Tomorrow, I’m heading out to get myself some bits for Uni, folders and new pens and stuff, so I dare say I’ll find some more bits to add in! I do love a good stationery shop.

For Filo inspiration, I’ve been pinning all sorts of things, and reading Cafe et Papier, My Life as a Teacup, and Paper Lovestory.


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