The George & Dragon

On Monday night, I went for a meal with my lovelies, Brooke and Matt.
Brooke had fancied the new Gastro Burger Company, not realising that they’re closed on a Monday and Tuesday, so instead we decided on The George & Dragon, in Mountnessing.


I’d been there for dinner ages ago, and remembered it being nice, and Matt & I decided that Brooke could probably still get her burger, so off we went!

It looked really busy as we pulled into the carpark, and we opted to sit in the bar rather than the restaurant. It’s really nice, with ridiculously comfy chairs to sink into! We were all drinking Kopparberg because it was boiling (Brooke & I shared the Strawberry & Lime, after drinking Matt’s the last time we all went out. He opted for the Pear flavour, possibly so that he could drink it in peace without us stealing it).


The menu has got so many options that look good, that it was quite hard to choose. We went for some starters (arancini and caramelised onion pizette) to share whilst we debated. When I say ‘we’, I mean that Matt and I had mostly already decided, but Brooke was backtracking on her burger cravings. She went to quiz the girl behind the bar, and somehow decided on the pulled pork lasagne. Matt had the tiger prawn and chorizo spaghetti, and I had tagliatelle bolognaise (yes, its boring to have out, but I like it, and good bolognaise is never a bad option!)

Our starters were amazing, and we waited just the right amount of time for our mains to come out, at which point, I whipped out my iPhone for photos, and matt put me to shame with his whizzy camera. He’s a photographer, so I suppose it’s allowed, but he scoffs at my Instagram skillz, so that makes him a photography snob. πŸ˜›

My bolognaise was really good, and Matt said that his prawns were good and spicy, but Brooke wasn’t as impressed with her lasagne. It looked awesome, but she thinks she should have gone for a burger after all! We saw one come out a little while later, and it did look pretty epic. Sorry Brookester!


The dessert menu looked tempting, but we were a bit too full, so we finished up with coffees, and then headed off home. It was really tasty, and it’s a really nice pub to sit and just have a drink in πŸ™‚


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