I’ve Got a Golden Ticket!


For my Graduation, one of my presents was a Golden Ticket to see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical!

I was woken up on Thursday morning by a delivery to my bedroom door…


Sarah had put the soundtracks from both films onto the disc, and announced that she had been a sneaky beaver and booked the tickets for that evening, so we all got dressed and went off to the train station for a bit of a mooch around London before we went to Drury Lane.

We went to Ed’s Easy Diner for dinner, and ate ALL THE FOOD. So much yum.


This was my ridiculously excited face, before we left to walk through to Covent Garden.



The show was utterly fantastic. I’d avoided all the reviews, because I didn’t want to know whether it was more like the book, or one or other of the films, and it was sort of a mixture of all three, definitely with more than just a hint of Roald Dahl’s dark humour. The songs were hilarious, and the staging was incredible. I did actually think that Sarah was going to wet herself during Augustus Gloop’s song, More of Him to Love. This is the best version I can find online. Hilarious.

Willy Wonka’s introduction was amazing, and he was played perfectly by Douglas Hodge.

The whole production was astounding, and I’d definitely see it again! It was the best present 🙂


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