September: A little life update

arrow(image from weheartit)

I’m starting September feeling massively fed up.

I’m supposed to be moving to Edinburgh next week, and so far, I have nowhere to actually move to, no job there, and no idea if my loan has gone through, or if I’ve even got onto the modules I want for my course.
Refreshing Gumtree ads every five minutes is getting really frustrating, especially when for every fifteen emails I send, I only get one reply. Ugh.

This is sounding like a really mopey post, and it’s not anything like what I usually post, but it’s supposed to be a lifestyle blog, right? And life isn’t always about trips into London or what I should wear with my skort.

I hate feeling unorganised, and I feel like none of the things I need to be sorted are things that are in my control. I found such a nice flat, and I spoke to them, and was told she’d let me know the next day, and I’ve just heard nothing, not even a ‘no’. It’s really disheartening.

(image from Pinterest)

Come on, September. Sort it out.


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