Margaret Atwood at the Southbank


Last night, for Rachel’s birthday present, we went to one of the opening events in the Southbank‘s Autumn season, Revolutions, and saw Margaret Atwood discussing her new novel, Maddaddam. Needless to say, she was absolutely amazing. The new novel is the final in the Oryx and Crake trilogy.

Being as the trilogy was started ten years ago, Atwood talked last night about how some of the things in the novels were just ideas when she began, but now they are real scientific advances. Gene splicing and creating animals like the snats (half snake, half rat), liobams (half lion, half lamb), and wolvogs (half wolf, half dog) are things that were being developed when Atwood started writing Oryx and Crake. Scary.

She also talked about arts funding (having promised on twitter that she would mention Shell’s funding of the Southbank), social media, environmentalism, and the writing process itself (sage advice: don’t trust the red and green wiggly lines – stick with Bob the Paperclip).

She did signings at the end, and although I didn’t manage to get my name in mine, I did come home with a signed first edition of Maddaddam. It’s so pretty!!


She was really fantastic, and we had a great night!


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