The British Museum


Yesterday we decided to go and be tourists for the day at The British Museum. We set off with our packed lunches and hopped on the train to Holborn.


The Enlightenment room is full of bookcases, and a replica of the Rosetta Stone. Mum found some statues of angles to take pictures of, and then we went through to Mexico and the Aztecs…


The turquoise mosaic mask on the left is built on top of a human skull. It’s got human teeth. Eek.

After the Aztecs, we wandered around North America, Africa and the Life and Death rooms. Cradle to Grave is a massive exhibit, showing a lifetime supply of prescribed drugs in the Living & Dying room. Polly took lots of pictures.

After Africa, we went upstairs to my favourite bit – the Ancient Egyptians.

bm7Not everyone got mummified. This blokey just got put in a basket.

Yep, thats a mummified bull. Apparently there were quite a lot of them, because bulls were sacred, and they had their own tombs and ceremonies.  Ooer.

When I was little, I thought that Ancient Egypt was really interesting, so I read loads of stuff about it, about how mummies were made, and lots of stories about Isis and Osiris, and gave myself nightmares about being chopped up into 14 pieces and having my brain pulled out through my nose.  Bless.

After we’d sat in the garden and had our sandwiches, we headed off for a mooch around Covent Garden, and saw Heston Blumenthal on the way! Slightly starstruck. Haha. Then it was a quick bus ride up to Selfridges, and then I went off to meet Lushy for some amazing dinner (I might blog about it tomorrow, it was that good).


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