What’s In My Bag?

I’ve never done one of these posts before, but I like them on other people’s blogs, because I’m nosy, so I thought it was only fair to do one of my own!
Here’s what I lug around on a daily basis, and what I lug it all around in 🙂


My gorgeous orange handbag was a birthday present from my Mummy last year, so I’ve no idea where it came from. It’s dying a bit, but I love it, so I refuse to give it up!  My purse was a birthday present too, from Brooke, it’s from Disaster Designs.  There’s usually a chocolate bar or a NutriGrain in my bag, because my stomach always rumbles when I’m somewhere quiet. I think it knows!  My amazeballs phone cover is a Marc Jacobs rip off (I know, I know, but I can’t justify £45 for a phone case!) It was only £1.99 from eBay, here.  Also, DEATHLY HALLOWS KEYS.  Yep.


I actually don’t carry around much makeup, just some Primark hand gel stuff (a good habit picked up from Glasto!), MUA Power Pout in Runway, deodorant, and my Lush solid perfume in Lust. This perfume is jasmine and ylang ylang and gorgeous. Lush can write about perfume better than I can, and they say “it’s a very heady perfume that’s not for the shy and retiring. It starts off as strong, pure jasmine and warms on the skin to a seductive floral scent.”


My lovely Filofax was another present from Brooke (she’s good at presents). The front clear pocket is usually full of rubbish, but it’s surprisingly tidy at the moment! The little post-its are from Paperchase. They’ve got alphabets and elephants on them 🙂

Ta-da!  Add in some reciepts and tissues and bus tickets, and that’s about it!

What’s in your bag?


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