Reading is reading, right?

It’s not very much of a secret that I read a lot, and I’ve seen the Kindle vs Paper debate rearing its head all over the internet again recently, so I thought I’d throw my opinion in.

book(image from here.)

In short, it’s all reading, and all reading is good.

I love my Kindle, I love that when I see a review of a book, I can turn my Kindle on, and be reading it in less than three minutes. I love that I can read samples of books I’m not sure about before I buy them, and I love the Kindle Book Sales. But nothing beats wandering around a new or second-hand bookshop, or rifling through a shelf in a charity shop, and finding an absolute gem. A book that someone has taken the time to choose for you makes the best birthday or Christmas present, and an Amazon voucher just can’t do that. The things you find in second-hand books are amazing (just look at Emma’s post for proof).

I think my reading is pretty evenly split between “real” books and my Kindle, but if it tips slightly in favour of one or the other, I notice myself doing things like wishing I could highlight an amazing passage in a paper book (writing in books is sacrilege, so mine are mostly full of bits of paper and postit notes), or wishing I could hold the pages together to see how much I’ve read/got left on my Kindle (that little ‘Locations’ thing at the bottom is no help at all), but really, I don’t think that it actually matters what you do your reading on, as long as you are actually doing some reading. That’s the important part.

That said, I will never totally convert to my Kindle, as much as I love it, because physical books are the real deal. You can’t get a good idea of someone from their Kindle in the same way as you can from their bookshelf – there’s a lot to be said for well-treated books, and this is probably pretty good advice.

I’ve reviewed the last couple of books that I’ve read; Petite Mort, and Southern Cross the Dog, and I keep track of them all on Goodreads.

I love getting book recommendations, so feel free to send me some! My ‘to-read’ list is waning a bit, so I’m on the lookout 😉
If you’re after some recommendations yourself, have a nosey at these blogs, and I’m certain that you’ll find something: Adventures With Words, Safiya’s reading posts, Bee’s book reviews and EssBeeVee’s awesome Books Are Amazing series.


3 thoughts on “Reading is reading, right?

  1. swwonder says:

    My aunt is an English Lit teacher and she swears she could never make the change, whereas my cousin (her daughter) works in publishing, and swears by her Kindle. I’ve nearly bought a Kindle so many times, I’ve fawned over them in bookshops and I’ve played with other people’s, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get round to it. Like you say, I love seeing my books on an actual shelf and I like re-reading my little notes inside. Most of the books I own were bought in charity shops (I love finding nearly new books for super cheap) – a brand new book is a treat for me, so it’s difficult to justify it.

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