Nail Art

Instagram and Pinterest combined are making me lose hours of my life. I’ve been looking for some cool nail art to attempt, because I might finally be getting bored with having variations of leopard print nails all the time. Some of the nail art I’ve found is literally incredible, so I thought I’d put some of my findings up here in case any of you were looking for nail art inspiration too 🙂


I picked the picture above, but then I decided that I can’t choose just one of Nina’s pictures, so I’m going to link you to her tumblr and instagram instead, so you can look at them all. Just wow. And LOOK. Illuminati nails, dude. (Dude?! Haha, I don’t even know.)

I really want stiletto-y nails, but I think if I file my nails like that, they’ll go all sad and broken. Acrylics are going to make my nails more likely to be sad and broken, so I might have to just brave the filing when they’re long again and put lots of hardener on them!

This Thermo colour-changing polish on Chalkboard Nails is amazing. I think the glitter makes it.

I’m not sure that I have the patience, or a steady enough hand, for this aztec manicure, but the tutorial is really good, so I might have a go!

I’m on nail duty for Brooke’s wedding, so I need to find my little false nail sets and paint up some practise nails! EEP EXCITING!

Right… I suppose I’d better get myself on eBay for nail decals… 🙂

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