Round ‘Em Up : Ginsberg

I’d just like to write a quick apology for my sporadic blogging – my WordPress is not playing ball at the moment, and I’m not sure why. On forums and stuff it’s saying it’s something to do with TalkTalk, but then it gets a bit tech-y and loses me. Anyway, hopefully whatever the problem was is fixed now, and I can actually write and publish posts!! If you’ve had any problems getting onto my blog, please let me know! It’s the most annoying thing, especially when there’s nothing I can do about it!

(image from The Say Something Poster Project)

This week, I’ve been working on an essay I wrote on the Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Ginsberg is by far my favourite poet; I love the way that he wrote poetry that actually meant something, that made people take notice, and that got him into quite a lot of trouble. He wasn’t afraid to write, and to live, in a way that people thought he shouldn’t. As he’s my favourite, and I’ve been doing lots of research and reading and writing about him, I thought I’d do a little literary roundup of Ginsberg goodies.

♥ I love this article about him.

This animation of Howl is amazing. It’s in 7 parts, but they’re only a few minutes long each, and the poem is read by James Franco.

♥ I’m looking forward to seeing Kill Your Darlings. It was shown at Sundance and got pretty good reviews.

♥ One day (in my dreams), I’ll be able to afford (and justify) a £258 jumper 😉

The Magic Password. Hippie awesomeness.

Have you read any Ginsberg?


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