After my furniture shopping trip to Ikea on Tuesday night, I came home with a metre of Majken fabric as well as a chest of drawers 😉 I thought it’d be perfect for a summery version of my Wolf Dress, so on Wednesday (handily assisted by Mamabear on pressing & steaming duties) I spent my afternoon whipping up version two of the 721 Pinafore Dress.

Last time, I used my vintage sewing machine, but this time I used Mum’s snazzy machine, which made the whole thing 100 times easier and quicker. My machine only does a straight stitch, and no backstitching or locking stitches, so it’s not very beginner-friendly. On a (much) more modern machine, this pattern is definitely one that beginners would be able to do, and there are tutorial videos for every step if you need them. I made it a little bit differently this time, as I didn’t follow the videos, and I sewed the tops to the bottoms and put the zip in before sewing the side seams, which was much easier!

I bought an amazing nail polish from Illamasqua last week in Gamma (it’s only £5 in the sale at the moment, and there’s an extra 10% off with the code “TREAT10” until Sunday!), and I’m going to wear it, with my new dress, to the BBQ birthday party I’m going to on Saturday. How coordinated! 😉


Bigger pictures are in a flickr set, which you can see here!!


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