Festival TicTacs

Smack bang in the middle of festival season, the sun has well and truly decided to come out – Wireless last Saturday was gloriously hot; we got nice and brown (I’ll do a photo post soon!) and I’ve spent most of this week lying in the garden.


Sponsoring Wireless festival this year was TicTac Festival – the new pack, and they were kind enough to send me a goodie bag of festival essentials! The new packs have a fruity mixture of passion fruit, orange, cherry and lime flavours, and are in shops now.


I thought I’d share a little list of my festival essentials with you…
Sunglasses and a waterproof jacket – prepare for all eventualities!
A ‘festival phone’ – I didn’t feel brave enough to take my iPhone to Glastonbury with me, so I bought a little £5 mobile and £10 of credit; the battery lasted for six days!
Wellies – even if its hot, you still have to go in a portaloo. Not something I’d fancy doing in flip flops :/
Glowsticks – essential for waving around at the closing set
Wet wipes – the next best thing to a shower 😉
Festival TicTacs and cereal bars

What else would you take to a festival?
Have you had the chance to munch some Festival TicTacs yet? What did you think?


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