Glastonbury 2013

This week has, without a doubt, been one of the best of my life.

Last week I got my degree results, and (as you might have seen from my overexcited sweary tweets!) will be graduating in July with a First Class BA English Literature. YAY!

The day after, I headed off to Castle Cary for Glastonbury festival. I cannot believe I was ever contemplating not going, as it was absolutely incredible. From seeing Bastille on the John Peel Stage, to buying a fake moustache from a porn shop to get entry to a NYC gay transvestite nightclub, to singing along to the Stones with 130,000 other people, and everything in between – it was amazing.

Stones Glastonbury

Things I’ve learnt from Glastonbury:
1. Buying a lilo was the best Β£3 I’ve ever spent.
2. Not showering for six days is actually not that bad. Until you get on a commuter train home and realise that that delightful hobo smell is you.
3. There is no way you’ll see everything, which (sadly) means you’ll have to go back next year.
4. When spending 18 hours a day outside, putting suncream on your nose would be a really good idea.
5. If a bar is playing BeyoncΓ©, always go in, because it will undoubtedly follow Queen B with some utter bangers.

Arcadia Glastonbury
NYC Downlow Glastonbury
Green Futures Glastonbury

The Green Fields were amazing, and I want to be a hippy and make flowery headbands every day.Β  Registration for 2014 is already open. I’m registered, are you?


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