Bonnie Scotland : My trip to Edinburgh

I spent most of last week in Edinburgh, scoping out the university with my Dad before I head off in September to start my MSc there, and it was stunning. I am so excited to move there in a couple of months time! (And I think that the rumours about it snowing and raining and being freezing cold all the time are a lie, we had three days of sunshine and 26 degrees!!)


Because the weather was so nice, we ended up walking miles further than we’d intended, so I’ve pretty much seen the whole of Edinburgh! I’ve got an app on my phone that measures your steps, and we worked it out that over the three days we walked about 33 miles(!)


We visited Edinburgh Zoo to see the pandas, and luckily one of them was awake for our slot. SO cute. The keeper was saying that they’re hoping to do an ultrasound soon, to see if there might finally be some baby pandas on the way.
It’s a really good zoo, though the fencing around the lions made me a bit nervous! Dad’s favourites were the penguins – they’re all on nests at the moment, and we saw a couple of baby penguins!


The uni itself was lovely, I can’t wait to start there – everyone was so helpful when we were trying to find our way around, and the buildings are gorgeous. I’m sure that the scorching sunshine didn’t hurt either, but how can you turn down a university that has a bar in the library (or a library in the bar!)?!


Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed for accommodation – I’ve applied for a postgrad room, but I’m not guaranteed to get it, and if not, I have to snap up somewhere to live! Actually going there was so helpful though, because I had no idea how far away anything was from anything else, or where the uni was in relation to anything, or how far away I could get housing and still get to uni in a decent amount of time. The city itself was totally different to what I expected, its all very open, with huge wide roads, and lots of little parks dotted about. Aaah, I’m so excited!!


Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Is there anything you’d recommend doing when I get there?


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