Round ‘Em Up : The Gatsby Edition

This weekend I’m going to a Gatsby party at Tea & Sympathy, and in the last few weeks, I’ve reread the book, been to the ballet, and seen the film. I’ve got a bit Gatsby obsessed, and I thought I’d share some of the obsession 😉
large(image from here)

For the party, I think I’m going to attempt to do my hair like Harriett of the Bright Young Twins.

If that fails, it might be pinned up and wrapped in a scarf, like this.

Six out of Ten did a Gatsby-style art deco nail tutorial.

Fur Coat, No Knickers has got so many awesome 1920’s posts that they’ve got their own tag.

Have you played The Great Gatsby Game? Awesomeness.

I love the Scandals of Classic Hollywood essays on The Hairpin, and this one on Clara Bow, the 1920’s It Girl, is no exception…

Bow, by refusing to dispose of her attitude and accent, was the embodiment of all that was “new money” and “trashy” about Hollywood. She was gorgeous, sure, but she was gauche and an embarrassment. She wasn’t invited to who’s who parties in Hollywood, so she made her own (which, duh, were probably much more awesome — do you want to go to the stuffy classy party or the one with the football players, dancing, and flesh impact?)

1920’s slang. (I think this is my favourite, and I’m going to start using it – “Now you’re on the trolley!!” Haha 🙂 )

The Guardian has a gallery of 1920s “Wild Women”, and there’s an article to go with it, When flappers ruled the Earth: how dance helped women’s liberation.

Finally, Illamasqua have a step by step guide to Daisy & Myrtle’s makeup from the movie. If I can do a decent cut-crease smoky eye by Saturday, I will be one happy flapper!


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