Royal Ballet : Raven Girl & Symphony in C

Carrying on my ballet binge following The Great Gatsby, last night I went to see Raven Girl at the Royal Opera House, in Covent Garden. It’s a ballet by Wayne McGregor, adapted from a graphic novel by Audrey Niffenegger.

(image from here)

The story is a modern, dark, fairytale, about a postman who falls in love with a raven and marries her. They have a daughter, who looks like a girl, but can only speak in raven-like squawks. She doesn’t ever really feel like a human girl, and wishes she could fly. When she meets a Frankenstein-like doctor, who has been creating animals from different body parts, she convinces him to give her the wings that she longs for, so that she can be more raven than girl, and finally able to fly.

The ballet was beautiful, with stunning graphics that played across the stage and added to the atmosphere of the dancing. The costumes were amazing, with the ravens wearing jewelled masks and tabards, and the groups of humans wearing white bandage-like masks. The whole thing was a bit creepy and it was perfect. The scene where the Raven Girl gets her wings was incredible, sad and beautiful at the same time.

After the interval, we went back to our seats for Balanchine’s Symphony in C, a more traditional, “proper” ballet, with tiaras and tutus.

(image from here)

There are still tickets for both the matinee and evening performances of Raven Girl & Symphony in C available here, but there are only three performances left, so be quick!!


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