Round ‘Em Up : Hair

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I spend a slightly ridiculous amount of time looking for interesting things to do with my hair, and I’ve amassed quite a few tutorials, styles and cuts on my Pinterest, bookmarks, and desktop folders. Oops. I thought I’d share some of my favourites, in case you’re about to shave your head just for something different to do, too.

♥ The tutorials at Confessions of a hairstylist are pretty awesome. I’m doing this today.

♥ From Jenny again, two vintage inspired hairstyles – very Gatsby!

♥ If you’re feeling brave, here are 5 DIY haircuts you can do at home. I cannot tell you how tempted I am to try this out, the only thing stopping me is that I only spent £40 getting my hair cut two weeks ago!

♥ How To Hair Girl also has a great ponytail ombre technique. I might re-ombre my hair for the summer, and this ponytail idea looks like it might be a bit less messy!!

How to Waterfall Braid

♥ Keiko’s braided ‘do is still one of my favourites – it’s far easier than it looks!!

♥ How to get Victoria’s Secret hair

Mega Waves

She Lets her Hair Down is another great hair blog I’ve found, with lots of tutorials and tips.

♥ Hairdresser on Fire’s Full Up Fat Twist looks a bit Holly Golightly – I’m definitely going to give this a go!

What are your favourite hair tutorials or blogs?

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