Essex Blogger Interviews : Adventures With Words

The next blogger featured in the Essex Bloggers series is Rob from Adventures with Words


Tell us about yourself!

I’m Rob, 30 and I live in Colchester, Essex.

What is “Adventures with Words”?

I blog at and it’s a mixture of books, films, television and comics with a weekly podcast as well! I’ve no idea where the name came from other than that it just popped fully formed into my head! Originally it began as a blog only about books, in particular the ones that I was reading at the time, but quickly expanded to cover much more and it became a reflection of my interests. I’ve been blogging fairly sporadically but it’s been over two years now in a number of different incarnations. I was delighted when Kate joined me to not only blog about her reading habits, which can differ to my own, but to also start a weekly podcast that will soon celebrate its own year anniversary. Podcasting has its own very different challenges to blogging (from technical to having to think what to say on the spot!) which makes it all the more interesting.

Where can we find you?, Adventures with Words twitter, my twitter, and instagram. The podcast can be found under Adventures With Words in iTunes and I do have a Pinterest account but have found it’s not really for me…

Why do you blog, and what are your favourite (and least favourite) parts of blogging?

I began blogging as a way of keeping a record of what I was reading or watching and also to share my opinion of it. Twitter can sometimes be too easy and too short to share a constructed opinion whereas with a blog you can write as much as you like! The best part is engaging in a conversation with authors and fellow readers while the hardest part is simply finding the time.

Other than blogging, how do you like to spend your time?

I naturally enjoy reading but do try to get my head out of a book! I enjoy eating out, trips to the cinema and always make sure to visit Firstsite when there is a new exhibition on.

Is there any advice you’d give to new bloggers?

Don’t expect to get readers straight away. There are a lot of blogs out there all competing for our attention. It takes time to find not only new readers but also time to find your own writing voice.

What are three blogs (Essex or otherwise!) that you love?

For a local blog, the Colchester Chronicle provides news and a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at my home town.
I always enjoy reading fellow book blogger and podcaster Simon’s blog at Savidge Reads, while for a slightly quirkier look at life I’d recommend the Laughing Squid.

Thanks Rob! You can read all of the Essex Blogger interviews by clicking here!
If you are an Essex Blogger and would like to take part in the series, let me know, either by email or on twitter!

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