I was sent the new Bionsen‘s aluminium and paraben free deodorants, and I wanted to give a fair review, so I’ve been testing it out for a couple of weeks.


The deodorants are hypoallergenic, and smells nice and fresh – sort of a bit baby powdery?

Bionsen’s deodorants use Japanese Spa Minerals to deodorise – but these aren’t anti-perspirants. That doesn’t bother me too much, maybe I’m not very sweaty! (I also prefer deodorants, because I think that anti-perspirants can’t really be all that good for you – your body is designed to sweat to get rid of toxins, so stopping that process can’t be good!) If you prefer an anti-perspirant though, this might not be for you!

Being both aluminium- and paraben-free is another tick off of my list for Bionsen – There is research to suggest that these might be linked to breast cancer, so although more research is needed, it’s nice to have an alternative.

I was sent both the roll-on and pump spray versions, both of which are available from Morrisons at £2.35 and £2.75 respectively. Yes, there are cheaper deodorants out there, but usually aluminium- and paraben-free deodorants are quite expensive, so I’d repurchase these. There are sticks, aerosols and crystals available too.
Bionsen is also available from, as well as from Boots and other supermarkets.


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