Daxon’s Spring Outfit

This week, it feels like spring is finally here!  In an attempt to feel slightly better about the fact that it’s been snowing since forever, I’ve been eyeing up Spring-like outfits.  Daxon emailed me a little Springtime challenge, to see if I could make up an outfit for under £200, so here it is!

You can’t go wrong with a white shirt, and you could team it with so many things.  This is a nice one, because its actually a 3/4 sleeved t-shirt, so you could dress it up, or dress it down with skinny jeans.

I love the print of this floral denim skirt…

These woven ballet pumps would add a nice little pop of colour to match the skirt. (These come in red too, I think they’re lovely!) With tanned legs in between the skirt and shoes, the blues would really brighten up.

Just in case, I’d throw this tailored jacket over the top, because even though it’s Spring, I don’t want to be too hopeful!!

So that’s my Daxon outfit, at a total of £158 – with that little bit extra, I could buy these earrings, and still have change!! 🙂

As a member of the Daxon VIP Bloggers Network, I was challenged to create an outfit from their website for under £200. A blogger will be chosen at random to win the outfit they’ve chosen.


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